Tailored medical courses

Are you looking for certified medical training for a surgery, policlinic or hospital tailored to your requirements?

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We are convinced that quality health care may be provided only by those who themselves develop and learn all their life. We have been providing medical courses for nine years already. Spreading Evidence Based Medicine among medical staff has been the primary objective of our company since its establishment. Therefore we have more than 9 years’ experience with education and development of doctors, nurses and other medical staff with excellent references.

We organize a wide range of certified medical courses (first aid, resuscitation, intravenous cannulation, defibrillation using AED, ECG, acute conditions after vaccination) and we will be glad to create a course focused on your specific needs and requirements.

We do not agree with mere “selling of credits” – we really try to improve the level of medical staff. Our courses and conferences are sought-after due to their high specialist level, practical focus and pleasant atmosphere.

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The content of the course may be agreed with our coordinator, it may be included in lifelong learning of medical staff.