Tailored first aid

Take advantage of our offer for a tailored first aid course – according to your requirements!

Our clients are groups of friends, interest groups, multinational companies, sports clubs, groups of schoolmates, work teams and families.

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Why should you use our services?

  • We have experience with training various professional groups from medical staff, embassy clerks, gardeners, hostesses and mechanics to drivers of dangerous cargo, workers at heights and firefighters.
  • We have prepared specific courses for motorcycle rallies, camps of amateur pilots and divers, preparation of extreme canoeists before an expedition as well as training scout leaders before a camp.
  • People have learnt first aid under our leadership at teambuilding events, Christmas parties, common holidays, camps and family celebrations.
  • We have given lectures in hotels, companies, on a steamboat, at the pub, in a yurt, power plant, garage, caravan, clubhouse, living room, tent and under the open skies.
  • We have been providing tailored first aid courses for 8 years already and we belong to the best in this field, always according to the latest procedures of the European Resuscitation Council.

The content, place, form and language of our first aid courses will be tailored to your specific requirements and demands. Thanks to the expertise of our lecturers we have a very wide range of specifics we can focus on.

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First aid is not difficult and it can be fun – we are ready to prove it!

(if you are interested in a course for a group of 10 or more participants, please order here.)