Teacher´s comments

At the end of 2015 we became the organizers of the biggest series of first aid courses in the history of the Czech Republic

Here we would like to publish some opinions about our courses held within the project “Development of competencies of pedagogical workers in the field of first aid using experience medicine in schools in the capital city of Prague” – you may find more information here.

“Nice, to the point, all questions were answered. It was a pleasure to participate and I am full of knowledge.”

“The course was very beneficial for me, I appreciate the emphasis on the basic principles of first aid when you realize that there is nothing to be afraid of. Everybody is capable of providing first aid.”

“I thank the lecturers very much, the course was very beneficial.”

“I really liked the course, especially its illustrative nature and the comprehensiveness of the given topic. I have no negative comments.”

“The best I have ever completed.”

“The whole course was at a very good level, both in terms of expertise and methodology, approach and organization. It was really beneficial.”

“Helpful, witty lecturer. Everything is clear, realistic, illustrative. I am as satisfied as could be.”

“Great! I most appreciate the practical training.”

“Really important things were covered, not theoretical useless things. We performed resuscitation for several minutes – useful.”

“The course was perfectly conceived. The knowledge was handed over in an attractive way and practice made the entire course incredibly beneficial.”

“The lecturer explained a number of things in a witty and attractive way, illustrative demonstrations were perfectly performed. Everything was without any problems.”