Medical conferences

Lifelong learning breeds real professionals.

We believe that quality health care may be reached only by lifelong development and professional education of medical staff. Although the market is almost oversaturated with conferences and congresses, there are fields where there is limited or no choice. We try to identify these fields and improve the situation in cooperation with national and supranational specialist organizations and institutions. You may read about how we are doing in the reviews of its participants. We organize medical conferences focused on Operational management in health care and an English version of Medical Dispatching.

European congress Medical dispatching 2014

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It was a great honour for us to organize the 2nd year of the European Conference on Operational Management of Ambulance Service in cooperation with the Karolinska Insitutet in Stockholm and under the auspices of Prof. Maaret Castrén, Chair of the European Resuscitation Council, in October 2014. 75 representatives from 17 countries all over the world came to Prague to confer on the challenges and opportunities of development in this field.

Czecho-Slovak congress Medical Dispatching in Health Care

Kongres operační řízení

In November 2016 the 5th year of our joint Czecho-Slovak congress, at the birth of which we stood, took place in Benešov. We are proud of the fact that this unique specialist meeting, which we have been organizing since 2008, has found a solid place among the most prestigious specialist events in its field. Thanks to the unique opportunity to use different experiences from the development of operations management in the Czech Republic and Slovakia the congress has been conceived as a unique joint Czecho-Slovak project from the beginning. Every two years experts on operations management of the ambulance emergency service from both countries meet there. You may read their opinion about the congress and its organizational aspects here.