Medical staff of recreational events

Medical staff of recreational events is a retraining course certified by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic consisting of 41 hours.

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The course is suitable for all those who want to learn to deal with most acute conditions they can encounter effectively – it does not matter whether you are a teacher, mountain guide, camp leader or if you simply wish to extend your knowledge in the field of first aid.

Just as in our other courses, also in the case of the course titled Medical staff for recreational events we place emphasis on high-quality practice, real understanding of the topic and applicability of the taught procedures in practice. Our lecturers – professional paramedics – will simply teach you what they use every day at work.

The practical part of the training is in the form of learning through experience as in our REAL courses. The course is concluded with an examination in from of an examination committee; after passing the examination successfully you will receive a retraining certificate.

Participants of the Medical staff in recreational events course must be aged 18 years or over.

A course tailored for a group of candidates can be ordered here. Unfortunately, you can not report it as an individual.