Helpdesk24 assistance service

A unique service for all workers on business trips abroad, on construction sites or missions.

In the case of any health problem the medical helpdesk may be contacted in the Czech language by telephone, e-mail or Skype (every such contact is designated as “call”).

The receipt of the call by the assistance service is arranged by our company by means of workers who fulfil the qualification requirements outlined by legislation for workers of calls of medical character on hotlines of the Integrated Rescue System, i.e. certified specialists in the paramedic field or nurses in intensive care, registered in accordance with Act No. 96/2004 Coll. with the Ministry of Health.

We guarantee a reply within 24 hours from the first contact. The service is continuously monitored by a specialized guarantor of our company.

The receipt of the call and its assessment may, besides the text or telephonic form, use picture attachments, sound recordings and video streaming, if the mission is equipped e.g. with a Skype camera.