First aid in emergencies

In our basic first aid training we will teach you what everybody should know – what to do when somebody’s life is in danger.

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Our first aid training is focused on general procedures – not only resuscitation itself but above all dealing with the overall situation and practicing life-saving skills. We will not bore you with superfluous theory and teach first aid from a textbook. After completing the course you will be able to act as a key element in the prehospital care system. The training may take place in your company, in the environment where you spend your time. This is the only way to be really prepared for a situation when somebody’s life is in danger. We will focus on hazardous places, teach you how to communicate effectively and cooperate during stress situations.

The content of first aid training is:

  • safety of the rescuers and the rescued
  • organization and effective communication on the site of the event
  • identification of gravity of condition
  • where and how to call help
  • practicing emergency resuscitation on a modern teaching model
  • practicing using the AED (automated external defibrillator)
  • first aid for injuries
  • first aid for sudden illnesses
  • equipment for first aid

Duration of course: 4 hours  Order a course

Lecturer: first aid training is provided by professional medical staff from our team of lecturers.

After the completion of the course a certificate confirming the completion of the first aid course will be issued if requested.