First aid course through experience – REAL

Learn first aid through experience in the environment where you spend most of your time! From professional paramedics.

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An adult learns the most important lesson from a situation which he/she experienced and coped with. First aid courses needn’t be boring and dull – find out for yourself in our first aid course through experience – REAL!

We will create realistic situations which we will teach you to solve. We will prepare scenarios with realistically looking injuries or acute conditions in the environment where you spend your time. We will not deal with theory but only with practice. We will teach you procedures and skills which our lecturers – experienced paramedics and doctors – use in practice every day and which really work.

We will teach how to act as a key element in the prehospital care system. When you experience a real situation you will know that you have already dealt with it and you will not be paralysed. You will be able to help or save somebody’s life.

We will teach you to:

  • identify the risks of the situation and work with them
  • cooperate and communicate effectively on the site of the event
  • identify the gravity of the condition – accurately and quickly
  • make emergency calls and cooperate correctly with the operator
  • resuscitate
  • use AED (automated external defibrillator)
  • carefully extricate people if necessary
  • apply life-saving skills in the case of serious injuries
  • help people with sudden life-threatening illnesses
  • use first aid equipment correctly

Duration of course: according to agreement (normally 4 – 6 hours)  Order a course

Lecturer: The first aid course REAL is led by professional paramedics from our team of lecturers.

Participants will receive a certificate of course completion.