Firefighting course

The experience firefighter course will teach you how to behave in the case of fire or a road accident. Everything is realistic to the greatest extent, the lecturers are experienced firefighters.

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No theoretical speaking about fire protection will ever teach you how to put out a fire in reality or how to approach a car wreck after an accident and get inside to help the wounded. You have to experience that first-hand, find out how hot fire actually is or how dangerous a car after an accident may be. You have the opportunity to try this only in our experience firefighter course, the only one of its kind in the Czech Republic. When you experience a similar situation again, you will know that you coped with it in practice and therefore you will not be paralyzed by it.

We will create realistic situations for you and teach you how to solve them. We will not deal with theory or legislation, only with practical training. We will teach you how to master procedures and skills which our lecturers, experienced professional firefighters, use every day and which really work.

You will learn to:

  • identify the risks and work with them
  • understand the origin of fire and its spreading
  • be aware of the risks connected with road accidents
  • assess when you can help on your own and when you should not do anything
  • cooperate and communicate efficiently on the site of the event
  • call emergency lines and cooperate with the operator correctly
  • be aware of passive and active fire protection equipment and know how to use it
  • be aware of where to hide in case of fire and which way to run
  • be aware of what to do in case of a car on fire
  • be aware of fire protection safety features of tunnel complexes and their correct use
  • use different safety aids and know how to improvise if you do not have them at hand

You will try the following in practice:

  • use of different types of fire extinguishers to put out a fire
  • other methods of putting out a fire when a fire extinguisher is not at hand
  • correct procedure when putting out a fire in the engine compartment
  • entering a car in practice after a road accident – how to break windows correctly, leverage doors, cut the seat belt
  • extrication of the injured if they must leave their vehicle speedily

Duration of course: 4 hours

Price of course: 2 900,-  CZK incl. VAT/person  Order a course

(if you are interested in a course for a group of 10 or more participants, please order here.)

NB The course is physically and psychologically demanding. Participants must be over 18 years of age, physically and mentally fit!

Lecturer: The firefighter course is provided by professional firefighters from our team of lecturers.

After the completion of the course a certificate confirming the completion of the course will be issued upon request.

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