Education of dentists – Dealing with emergencies at dentist

As part of the education of dentists, in the course you will learn how to provide first aid and deal with acute conditions which you can commonly encounter in your dentist’s surgery.

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Course of identification and dealing with acute conditions which can arise in your surgery. Emphasis is placed on practice, teamwork and dealing with the overall situation.

After completing the course you will be able to work as a key element of the chain of survival, provide first aid and you will not be worried about not being able to help.

Content of course:

  • chain of survival
  • safety of rescuers and rescued
  • effective cooperation and communication at the site of the event
  • calling the ambulance service
  • identification of gravity of condition (ABC examination)
  • emergency resuscitation + practice on a modern teaching model
  • safe use of AED + practice as part of resuscitation
  • first aid in the case of typical conditions (collapse, seizures, allergic reactions and anaphylaxis)

Duration of course: 6 hours

Number of credits: 4

Price of course: 1100,- CZK/person  Order a course
(if you are interested in a course for a group of participants, please contact us)

Trainer: Dealing with acute conditions at dentist is led by lecturers from our team.

Participants will receive a certificate of course completion.