Consultancy and supervision

Do you need to create the standards of care, incorporate the recommended procedures into operation, get advice concerning changes in the organization or cement a disintegrated team together? We can help you!

Thanks to the expert background of our employees we can offer you the following services in the field of emergency medicine, intensive care and operations management of the ambulance emergency service:

  • Audit:
    • of the organizational structure
    • of managerial relationships and competencies
    • of managerial documentation and processes
    • of the workload and capacity dimensioning of health care operations centres
    • of the system of care quality management
    • of the processes of personnel management (hiring and initial training of employees, motivation and stimulation, professional development and supervision)
  • preparation:
    • of managerial documentation
    • of standards and protocols
    • of incorporation of changes
    • of selection processes and open competitions
  • feedback for further development
  • assessment of quality of work
  • coaching of teams and managers
  • evaluation of relationships in a team
  • team and individual supervision
  • mediation
    • of conflict situations in a team
    • of agreements on rules of cooperation

The services from the above fields are prepared according to individual requirements based on the client’s order.

The services are provided thanks to the high level of erudition in our team.

We can pride ourselves on excellent references on our work from renowned companies.

If you wish to inquire about consultancy, audit or supervision services, contact us.