About the company Life Support

Life Support – a lesson for life


People will appreciate our lessons when life is in danger.

Life Support team

Life Support s.r.o. is the leader in the field of first aid and fire protection training in the Czech Republic. We are professionals in the field of emergency medicine and saving people. We are active all over the Czech Republic and every year more than 3 800 people complete our courses.

We build on the fact that our services are provided:

PROFESSIONALLY: we have tried what we teach. 
We hand over knowledge and skills based on evidence. We are professional medical staff members, doctors and firefighters. We have many years’ experience and we belong to the best in this field. What we hand over in our courses is supported by everyday practical experience.

FLEXIBLY: we take account of the needs of our clients
We look for ways to achieve efficient solutions together. Whether there are 5 of you or 200, if you only have time in the evening or do not speak Czech, we will find an efficient way to teach you how to save lives.

LIVElife is not theory. 
We work with the latest findings of Evidence Based Medicine and we will teach you how to use them in practice. We have innovative, absorbing and realistic teaching methods. From our experience we know what reality looks like and how to prepare you for it efficiently.

RELIABLY: your trust is an obligation for us. 
We are proud of the fact that people want to learn from us and everybody who chooses us is important for us. We keep our word and always fulfil what we agreed on. All our courses are insured.

COMPETENTLYwe work on ourselves all the time. 
We educate ourselves and practice, publish, develop our presentation skills. We systematically improve the quality of our services, extend and innovate our material and technical equipment. We participate in defining the quality in modern first aid teaching.

IN THE LONG TERM: we build relationships. 
Long-term cooperation and good relationships with clients and partners are more important for us than one-off profit. We cooperate with more than 100 clients and have been cooperating with 53 % of them for more than 3 years.

You may find references and opinions about our work here.