First aid for companies

Dealing with safety issues comprehensively and first aid for companies.

We dedicate ourselves professionally and comprehensively to training and consultancy in the field of crisis management, safety, fire protection and first aid for companies. We offer comprehensive services including identification of risks, preparation of crisis and trauma plans, training and seminars for employees as well as remote medical support for workers on business trips abroad. We are active all over the Czech Republic and every year we train around 4 000 people.

Thanks to an extensive team of lecturers we are able to deal with really big projects such as effective first aid training for 1 100 teachers in 5 weeks or 200 employees in one day. Thanks to our professional background we will not bore participants with theory but will teach them what really works in an emergency situation. We approach all issues connected with safety through the lens of our everyday experience as emergency ambulance staff and we will not suggest anything that will not work in case of need.

Long term cooperation with company clients is built on professionality, specialization and synergy.

  • we dedicate ourselves to safety and first aid training on a commercial basis and not only due to our enthusiasm for this topic;
  • we are professional paramedics, doctors, fire fighters and crisis managers – what we will teach you is our everyday experience, not superfluous theory;
  • we have more than 9 years’ experience with first aid training for companies;
  • we can pride ourselves on excellent references from renowned companies;
  • all our first aid courses for companies are in accordance with the requirements of Art. 102 of Act No. 262/2006 Coll. (Labour Code) and are taught according to valid international methodology ILCOR;
  • we can focus our courses specifically on risks stated in Decree-Law No. 591/2006 Coll., if required
  • we create tailored courses according to specific risks of any professional group;
  • we do not like theorizing divorced from reality, we will teach you in your environment and with your equipment – as it would be in normal life;
  • we will adapt to your requirements concerning language, place and time of the course;
  • we are a big company – we can effectively train up to 200 participants at the same time;
  • we teach practical things in a practical way – we guarantee that your employees will not sit through our course but they will remember it!

All our products and services are in accordance with valid legislation, international standards and, naturally, the client’s wishes and needs.

We provide tailored workable solutions in these fields:

  • First aid courses and medical training
  • Fire protection training
  • Safety at work training
  • Creation of crisis and trauma plans
  • Helpdesk 24 assistance service
  • Complex turn-key services